Thursday, 15 March 2012

Blood Creek

It's a "Shame" wot they've done to Michael!!!
Another American movie that went (almost) straight to video. Blood Creek (2009) is a supernatural horror thriller concerning two brothers who find themselves mixed up with an occult experiment. In 1936 a German family, the Wollners, living in Town Creek (the original title of the film) West Virginia are contacted by Hitler’s Third Reich to host a visiting scholar, given no choice they except. Unaware that there visitor, Professor Richard Wirth who practises the occult on behalf of his leader back in Germany, will keep the family bound to the ‘curse of the runes’ for some 71 years. It’s now 2007 and Evan Marshall’s brother has mysteriously turned up after going missing on a camping trip!  Victor Marshall had been a captive of the Wollners and their visitor for 25 years. The brothers pack their guns and ammo into their boat and sail down river to Town Creek to extract revenge for the horrendous hardships inflicted on Victor. Their mission sounds easier said than done until they discover the Professor has special powers.  Can’t quite work out why the award-winning actor Michael Fassbender is involved in this low budget distraction? Fassbender plays Richard Wirth who most of the time is unrecognisable, although he makes a grand villain. Joel Schumacher has managed to direct a fast paced B-Movie that well worth a rental for any fan of the genre.

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