Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Zombies Flesh Eaters in Dumfries.

The Lady got something in her eye!!!!
A great coup for the RBC made for a terrific Monday night at the RBC Film Club when it was arranged for the star of Zombie Flesh Eaters Ian McCulloch to come and introduce it. The evening began with a short but interesting introduction by Mr McCulloch who explained how and why he agreed to appear in this 1979 Italian Zombie horror movie directed by Lucio Fulci.  The film was originally scorned on its release for its extremely bloody content. Two scenes particularly lead to the film being banned in several countries including Great Britain. The first of which features a zombie fighting an actual Tiger Shark underwater, this was filmed in a large salt-water tank with the shark being fed horsemeat and sedatives before the filming began. The other infamous scene is where a woman has her eye gouged out on a splintered piece of wood very slowly and painfully. In fact the film was not released in its uncut version until 2005 when our guest speaker recorded a commentary for its DVD release.  The first part of the movie is in fact pretty boring, but the remaining 30 minutes with its hyper realistic gore and blood fest was great and brought the Zombies to life along with the Film Club audience.

Playing the Mark Kermode role to perfection, Darren then interviewed Ian, when he answered many of the well researched questions with honestly and humour while various clips were shown, mainly from Ian’s television work, including The Professionals, Crown Court, Doctor Who, Survivors and Ian own favourite Colditz, This all made for a great film club night which every one seemed to enjoy. Perhaps we should think of a similar night for next season?

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