Saturday, 3 September 2011


If i say your guilty, your guilty!!

Irishman Ken Bruen is noir crime fiction writer who was responsible for the novel that the movie London Boulevard (2010) was based upon. He has also written a series of seven novels featuring the characters Detective Sargent Tom Brant and Chief Inspector James Roberts. It’s from one of these novels that Nathan Parker, who was responsible for writing Moon (2009) the sci-fi drama directed by Duncan Jones, based the script for Blitz (2011).

The copper stood on me foot, he had to go.
This crime drama is as usual based in London’s dark and violent underbelly! An out of control DS Tom Brant is based at a turbulent and unruly police station in South London. When we first see Brant he is beating up three young hoodies with a hurling stick for attempting to steal a BMW. As the story develops he joins forces with the gay Sargent Porter Nash who has been transferred from the West London police for privately dispensing justice without the backing of the courts. Nash is given the job as acting Chief Inspector to replace CI James Roberts who is on extended leave because of his wife’s recent death and his acute alcohol problems. This dubious pair of policeman are faced with a manhunt when fellow police officers are being brutally bumped off one by one.

This clichéd nonsense is directed by Elliott Lester and stars action man Jason Statham who grunts and growls his way through the role of Brant. Ever-dependable Paddy Considine tries his best as Porter Nash but in all honestly he’s not got a lot to work with. The only one to come out of this meaningless drivel with any kudos is Aidan Gillen who steals ever scene as a psychopathic murderer. It has the same nasty feel as London Boulevard in that if the criminals are deemed wicked enough and escape the normal justice channels then it’s ok to hand out rough justice and that no one going to care! A dangerous precedent to set? Well Harry Callahan can be forgiven but not Nash and Brant. A film for late night Friday viewing only. 

You must see my kitchen Brant?

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