Friday, 1 October 2010

Torremolinos 73

An entertaining adult black comedy set in 1973 Spain and directed by Pablo Berger, his one and only directorial duty. Torremolinos 73 tells of a struggling encyclopaedia salesman who works for the Montoya Publishing House. Alfredo and his wife Carmen take advantage of an offer by the company to make adult films under the guise of being an audiovisual encyclopaedia of human reproduction! This undertaking turns him into an aspiring Ingmar Bergman film maker and turns his wife into a Scandinavian sex symbol. Alfredo is played by Javier Camara whose most notable work was for Pedro Almodovar in Talk to Her (2002) and Bad Education (2004) with Candela Pena as Carmen, who also appeared in Almodovar’s All about My Mother (1999). Not exactly side splitting but still quite amusing.

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