Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Secret in Their Eyes (El Secreto de Sus Ojos)

Irene (Soledad Vilamil), Benjamin (Ricardo Darin)
This was my personnel favourite of the 2010 Edinburgh International Film Festival, and after seeing it for the second time have no doubt that it fully deserved the 2010 Oscar for The Best Foreign Language Picture. It has been described as ‘gorgeously shot, lushly detailed and narratively satisfying, but with touches of intelligent unorthodoxy that complicate its pleasures’. In other words its got a great plot line that’s keeps you guessing, the acting is first rate and it’s a beautiful film to look at. The backbone of this satisfying whodunit/thriller is a sad and moving story of a 25 year, unfulfilled, love affair which is played out over the two different time spans and against the background of Argentinean politics

Based on a novel by Eduardo Sacheri, the Argentinean director Juan José Campanella weaves a carefully constructed narrative driven plot around retired federal justice agent Benjamin (Ricardo Darin) who is attempting to write a novel about an unsolved case from his earlier career: the horrible rape and murder of a young woman. He pays a visit to old associate Irene (Soledad Vilamil), now department chief, and together they re-examine this unpleasant murder mystery and realise that something in the original investigation just didn’t add up!

Shame on you if you have missed the opportunity to catch this film at the RBC Film Theatre this last week. You would have also missed an exceptional soundtrack that completely compliments what’s happening on screen.

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