Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Headless Women.

Vero is a good-looking middle-aged woman, a dentist and a member of Argentina’s privileged middle class who while driving home on a quiet deserted road, becomes distracted by her mobile phone. She runs over something, stops the car but does not get out eventually she drives off. Following this incident she becomes confused, experiencing a mental breakdown consisting of loss of memory and complete emotional detachment from her family and friends. The Headless Women (2010) is a compelling film shot with a very realistic feel which highlights the difference between the classes in Argentina and how a bourgeoisie family close ranks when one of its members may have killed a young Indian boy in a hit and run accident. Director Lucrecia Martel, who shot the movie in her hometown of Salta in the north of Argentina, demonstrates her extreme dislike of the middle class, something equally obvious in her debut 2001 feature film La Cienaga which symbolised the lack of hope for families in modern Argentina.

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